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Vintage Photographer

I am a Vintage Photographer, who explores classic styles and techniques, to create classic, imaginative, and fun portraits.  I find creative expression from classic genres and masters of the iconic styles of the era.

Stardust Vintage Photography creates vintage portrait photography inspired by the classic images of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. These include the black and white portraits of the Golden Age of Hollywood and Film Noir in the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s and the cheeky cheesecake images from the pin up magazines of the period. 

Artists like George Hurrell revolutionised Hollywood portrait photography with the use of lighting, shadows and careful editing.  His trademark romantic and glamorous portraits have become synonymous with that era. 

“Thank you Matt, this was really fun and I just Love the results. I can almost believe that I am a 1930s Hollywood star!”

Zoe – Hollywood Silver Screen Photoshoot


To create my vintage portraits, I combine modern equipment, and careful selective editing, with classic techniques and practical effects. We can go on a creative journey to explore romantic glamorous Hollywood portraits, hedonistic Gatsby style shoots, sultry burlesque, cheeky pin up, or the gritty midnight world of Film Noir. 

Costumes, settings, props and locations are a lot of fun when exploring vintage portrait photography.  I am a big admirer of vintage fashion and dress in a vintage style regularly myself. This means I have a big collection of items to help style your shoot. It’s always great fun hunting for new props and ideas.  My collection includes a stash of fabulous items including vintage phones, cameras, lamps and even a 1930s typewriter.   

You will have the opportunity to try different looks, poses and props during your shoot – I love to explore new ideas, so be creative!  All personal shoots include a short pre-shoot consultation so we can plan the look and style for the session.  I am always happy to help with advice on how to get the most from your shoot. 

To find out more about my Vintage Photoshoots, you can read my Vintage Photoshoot Guide or please get in contact for more details!